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Case Study: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
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Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

A need for a complete HR, Scheduling, Onboarding and Payroll solution led Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to Paycor.

“Employees can access all of their items easily—everyone’s using the mobile app. It’s easy to navigate. They log in and everything is right there. They can find their paystub or request time off. Managing benefits is streamlined and intuitive. The employees don’t have to email me their questions because they have what they need at their fingertips.”

– Ashley Troutman, business and marketing operations

Why Urban Chestnut Brewing left their payroll provider

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is known for its high-quality lagers and ales in its four locations throughout St. Louis. Pre-pandemic, the craft brewery and restaurant employed 110 people and used different systems to manage payroll, scheduling, recruiting and benefits. As local regulations allow breweries/restaurants to re-open and Urban Chestnut starts to rehire, they needed an HR and payroll solution that was streamlined and easy to use for both employer and employee.

Prior to Paycor

The overall HR process wasn’t efficient. Using various systems, some paper-based, for payroll, recruiting, onboarding, scheduling and benefits wasn’t sustainable. The experience was disjointed and time consuming. Administrators had to email screenshots to employees to help guide them. Employees didn’t have visibility where they should during recruiting, and managers spent too much time emailing back and forth during the overall hiring and scheduling process.


  • Payroll data didn’t flow from one system to another
  • Manual applicant tracking and onboarding
  • Lack of transparency during recruiting/hiring
  • Paper-based benefits selection and enrollment
  • Employees emailed HR for all their requests

After Paycor

Paycor’s HR, recruiting and onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process and allows employees to now manage their own data. Administrators save time posting new job openings and tracking recruits through the hiring process. It’s easy for managers to make and adjust schedules as needed. Payroll data is compiled, verified and submitted in mere minutes. And with employee self-service, workers no longer have to email HR with questions or for information and time-off requests.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Seamless, streamlined payroll
  • Automated applicant tracking
  • Employee self service
  • Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding
  • Intuitive benefits selection

HR & the Employee Experience

All employee data lives in one place and is accessible by self-service which allows employees to update personal information, view check stubs, request time off and more. Administrators can easily track workflow processes online, receiving alerts when approval is needed, or a change is made.


The streamlined experience introduces company policies and any relevant industry regulations up front. New hires can view and sign documentation before their first day, lessening any potential compliance issues that may arise.


With one system to access data and process payroll, Urban Chestnut never has to worry about compiling information from multiple sources, tax errors or data integrity.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. partners with Paycor to recruit, onboard, pay and retain their workforce.

“For people who are not ‘HR folks’ Paycor offers solutions that are explanatory, and it’s been really helpful to have software that helps guide people through the process.”

– Ashley Troutman, business and marketing operations

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