Case Study: Christ Community Lutheran School
Case Study: Christ Community Lutheran School

Case Study: Christ Community Lutheran School

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A need for a more robust HR and payroll solution to handle a growing workforce led Christ Community Lutheran Schools to Paycor.

“The transition to Paycor was smooth. It’s nice to tell employees to just download one app to do everything. That’s great! You can punch in, view your paystub, request time off. It’s all right there.”
- Carrie Duesenberg, director of finance

Prior to Paycor

Christ Community Lutheran Schools, based in St. Louis, serves approximately 700 students in preschool through 8th grade. With multiple campuses and a growing staff, they needed a better way to manage their HR and payroll process. With their previous provider, the different solutions felt “bolted on”— information didn’t flow from product to product, requiring administrators to re-enter data multiple times. Some staff members were still using paper timesheets, but knew as they hired more staff, a standardized way to track time was going to be necessary.


  • Mix of paper-based and online timesheets
  • Disjointed products
  • Multiple data entry points
  • Informal training process without any tracking
  • Constantly fixing missed punches

Why Paycor?

CCLS became aware of Paycor through Concordia Plans’ preferred partnership. The seamless integration with 90-Degree Benefits provided an excellent benefits and payroll experience. CCLS also appreciated Paycor’s discounted CPS pricing and dedicated implementation consultant.

Partnership with Paycor

Paycor’s mobile app is intuitive and easy to use. New hires can complete the necessary paperwork before day one and the data flows across all products, eliminating the need for multiple entry points. Employees are empowered to access and update their data at any time. Administrators can share company news with the push of a button and employees receive a notification. With 100% adoption rate, employees enjoy using the app beyond their initial onboarding, freeing up managers and admin. Also, different employee groups can now receive tailored trainings with Paycor’s Learning Management.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Enhanced implementation support
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Employee self service
  • Data flow from product to product
  • Customized trainings that are automatically tracked

Christ Community Lutheran School

Time Tracking

Paycor’s Time dashboard offers a single location for managers to view and approve timecards. From the mobile app, employees can request time off and administrators can remedy missed punches.


New hires can view and sign documentation specific to their job title, complete tax forms and direct deposit information all before their first day. Each employee’s information is kept in one location throughout the process, eliminating the need for administrators to log into multiple systems and/or spreadsheets.


All employee data lives in one place and is accessible by self-service which allows employees to update personal information, view check stubs, track certifications and more. Administrators can easily track workflow processes online, receiving alerts when approval is needed, or a change is made.

Christ Community Lutheran School partners with Paycor to streamline their HR process, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“I’ve heard from our employees that everything has worked really well with Paycor. The implementation went smoothly. I’ve heard good things about the ease of clocking in and out. I can upload the company handbook and share it with everyone. They get notifications on their mobile devices and it cuts our communication time in half!”
- Jessica Anderson, HR director

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Download the full case study here.

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