Case Study: Romantix
Case Study: Romantix

Case Study: Romantix

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A disjointed HR and payroll process and the need for state-to-state oversight led Romantix to Paycor.

“The whole HR Support Center and training hub is amazing. We definitely used the COVID support a ton. It’s nice because we have stores in multiple states it helps us keep track of everything we need to know. Regulations are ever-changing, and Paycor helps me keep up to date state-by-state.”
- Adrienne Hernandez, HR Specialist

Why Romantix left their payroll provider

With 60 stores across 15 states, Romantix needed an HR and payroll provider that could handle different tax environments and state regulations. With their previous provider, the HR process was disjointed, lacked cohesive reporting and didn’t have any foreseeable fixes to the problems.

Prior to Paycor

The overall HR process wasn’t efficient. Both onboarding and benefits enrollment were manual, paper-based processes that took an average of two hours each per new employee. Regional training was completed in-person at scheduled intervals. Administrators had to manage and track employee paperwork from start to finish.


  • Disjointed HR and payroll systems
  • Manual applicant tracking
  • Lack of virtual training modules
  • Paper-based onboarding and benefits selection

After Paycor

Paycor’s HR, Payroll and Onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process by eliminating the need for manual data entry and verification. With Learning Management, Romantix can virtually train their employees nationwide on company policies and new product offerings. Automating benefits enrollment allows employees to easily select their desired benefits and administrators can quickly follow-up when necessary. Paycor’s HR Support Center provides updated information for different tax jurisdictions.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Seamless, streamlined payroll
  • Responsive, personalized support
  • Learning modules for training employees
  • Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding
  • Intuitive benefits selection


Benefits Advisor

Benefits Advisor allows employees and new hires to select their benefits online, reducing administrative tasks and improving overall efficiencies. Adrienne saves a couple hours a week now that benefits are automated and no longer paper based.


The streamlined experience introduces company policies and any relevant industry regulations up front. New hires can view and sign documentation before their first day, lessening any potential compliance issues or oversight that may arise.

Learning Management

Paycor’s LMS came in particularly handy during COVID-19 when Romantix had to cease all regional in-person training sessions. Employees nationwide can access specific product training and overall company training online from any desktop or mobile device.

Romantix partners with Paycor to onboard, train, pay and retain their workforce.

“We use the LMS a lot with all our employees. Benefits Advisor also saves us time because we’re no longer mailing out packets and dealing with so much literal paperwork.”
- Adrienne Hernandez, HR Specialist

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