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What is Flex Time? Find Out Why Employees Like It
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What is Flex Time?

Flex time is a work policy that allows employees the flexibility to choose their work hours. Instead of the traditional 9-5 workday, some employers give their people the freedom to create their own schedule as long as they meet established goals. Flex time policies typically require employees be in the office during specific hours each day for meetings and collaboration.

Flex time continues to be one of the top non-traditional benefits employers offer. While compensation and advancement still matter, it’s workplace flexibility that many candidates and employees identify as a key reason for taking a job or staying in a role. Not only do employees crave better work-life balance, but employees are more likely to remain at a job that offers greater flexibility for time and attendance because it reduces stress and burnout. And for employers, flex time can help eliminate unplanned absences and even reduce healthcare costs.

Is flex time a good option for your workforce? For more details, check out this article.

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