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Warning Signs of Disengagement
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Warning Signs of Disengagement

Four out of five medium and small businesses say they don’t effectively engage their employees. Why? Because many organizations lack ownership and the resources needed to understand what actually motivates their people. Organizations also tend to ignore the warning signs of disengagement believing a few unhappy employees can’t sway the masses.

But similar to bankruptcy, disengagement happens gradually and then before you know it, the majority of your workforce is affected. Only 33% of employees are actually engaged at work, according to a Gallup study. Not only can disengagement quickly spread throughout an organization, but its impact is felt across all areas of the business. From lost productivity to affecting morale and even customer relationships, recognizing and preventing disengagement should be top of mind for every HR leader.

To combat disengagement, you must first identify the warning signs. Check out this infographic on what to watch for and learn tips to course correct.

Source: SHRM