In the next few weeks, we will be enhancing your Paycor product navigation experience with Paycor 12, a new feature that will allow you to navigate between many of your products without having to return to your Online Services page.

Why the change?

A number of clients have expressed a desire to move more easily between their products. This new feature, coupled with the ability to combine some of your IDs and passwords, will streamline access to many of your Paycor products.

Which products will have the new menu bar?

Online Services Home, HR Performer, Time on Demand, Custom Web Reporting, Online Reporting, Internet Entry and Online Check Stubs.

Which products will not have the new menu bar?

Paycor Payroll (formerly Paycor for Windows), HR Support Center and Ready Clock will continue to open in a separate window or tab, as they have in the past.

Have you combined your IDs?

If you have multiple Paycor products, your Paycor IDs and passwords must be combined to fully experience this new feature. If you haven’t already done this, click here to start the combine process.

What does the “12” mean?

This refers to the year 2012. We will update this numerical name each year in conjunction with the rollout of product updates, although you will continue to see enhancements throughout the year.

How can I optimize my viewing experience?

If you wish to view your products in tabs instead of windows:

  • Click here for Explorer information.
  • Click here for Firefox information.
  • Click here to get help at the Safari Help Desk
  • Chrome doesn’t currently offer a tabs browsing experience.

View additional browser guidelines here.

How can I open all my products in separate windows or tabs?

When you use the Paycor 12 drop-down menu, you will see a window-like icon to the right of the product name. If you click that icon, your product will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings. The image below explains the new navigation.

Paycor 12 Navigation