Posted on October 19, 2012

Introducing the New Face of HR

Over the summer, Paycor began transforming its look to better reflect who we are as a service and technology company and to provide a cleaner, better, brighter online experience to our clients and their employees. We’re excited to unveil that new look in our HR application.

The HR Product team has been working hard to release this updated application to clients. According to Product Manager Brian Craft, “the Development team is incredibly excited to finally deliver these product improvements.” He went on to describe how they updated the look and feel to be more consistent with our other products and how they further streamlined the user experience. And the Development team isn’t the only team that’s been looking forward to the update: the Client Service, Marketing and Sales teams are all sharing in the excitement. As Brian put it, “Our HR application’s new look received a standing ovation when we shared it with the Sales team.”

The user feedback has been very positive so far from clients across the board, including Paycor: we are using the updated HR application internally. Our clients are saying that “It’s more user friendly than the old version.” One enthusiastic client went so far to say, “It’s so beautiful! Nice job!” We look forward to hearing what the rest of our clients think as they begin to use it.

The updated HR application includes features like:
* Redesigned navigation: Quickly find your way around with the new navigation menu redesigned to present your full list of options within a single click.

* Global employee search: Search for an employee (or group of employees) based on the employee name, number, department, manager and more…from anywhere.

* More employee benefit details in fewer clicks: Manage benefits more effectively with separate views for current, pending or historical elections and benefit election drawers that open to reveal more detail.

Want to learn more? Watch the New Face of HR video.

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