Posted on February 26, 2018


HR has long been considered the keepers of compliance, responsible for documenting employee records and ensuring an organization adheres to regulations properly…until now.

High-performing HR teams have changed that perception, because in reality, HR is suited to do much more than focus on admin. HR possesses the strategic acumen and people management skills across all elements of the business to enhance the employee experience and contribute to the bottom line.

To help HR pros demonstrate their true impact to executives, Paycor has created the HR Center of Excellence, a dedicated resource center based on over 30 years of partnering with medium and small-sized businesses, that provides guidance, action plans and inspiration to help HR teams unlock their true potential and extend their reach.

But the HR Center of Excellence isn't solely about Paycor's experience, proprietary data and client research. Paycor is adding a unique element to the HR Center of Excellence by partnering with leading industry experts and HR influencers to understand what business owners and organizational leaders care about, and create valuable, relevant content.

Tim Sackett is one such expert. Tim is a talent acquisition guru, and operates his own blog, Fistful of Talent. In it, Tim introduces the HR Center of Excellence and highlights the impact it can have on HR teams.

For more on what Tim had to say, click here.

Be on the lookout for more inspiration and best practices from Tim in the months to come, as he'll regularly contribute to the HR Center of Excellence resource hub. For an overview of all the great content we're sharing, click here.