Paycor has announced the release of Perform Time, its latest innovation designed to help employers improve efficiency by integrating the timekeeping and payroll functions into a single-source, easy-to-use solution.

Paycor developed its innovative Perform Time solution based on its client-driven development process and growing demand for a unified approach to the timekeeping process. The solution also provides true payroll integration: with timekeeping now built into Paycor's comprehensive payroll platform, organizations no longer have to import files from a third party or contend with duplicate employee record maintenance. As a result, all users of Perform Time, whether employee, manager or administrator, benefit from a simple, user-friendly solution that saves time and increases the bottom line. Moreover, with the creation of Perform Time, Paycor is able to provide its clients with continual enhancements to the product via quarterly product updates.

Key features of Paycor's Perform Time solution include:
* Improved Processes: Perform Time facilitates smarter timekeeping processes; for example, holiday hours and daylight saving rules are generated and updated automatically.
* ACA Reporting: The solution enables clients to answer the two critical questions surrounding the Affordable Care Act: Am I considered a large employer? And, if so, which of my employees are eligible for affordable health care?
* Flexible Pay Policies: Assigning or removing policies for holidays, meals, overtime or rounding can be done in just a few clicks for individual employees or a pay group.
* Robust Reporting: The solution produces detailed reports on all time data, enabling users to understand employee hours, overtime costs and much more.
* Web-based Software: Perform Time can be accessed securely and reliably from anywhere at any time, including from mobile devices.
* Quarterly Updates: Paycor will develop free quarterly product updates, continually improving Perform Time based on client feedback.
* Mobile Functionality: Future Perform Time functionality will enable employees of Paycor clients to clock in and out from their mobile devices.

"As organizations strive to remain competitive and focus on initiatives that will drive the business forward, they simply can't afford to be bogged down in administrative tasks like employee hour tracking," said Zhen Tao, chief technology officer at Paycor. "With our new Perform Time offering, we deliver a cutting-edge, modern approach to the tedious task of timekeeping. By integrating the function directly with our comprehensive payroll system, users benefit from a streamlined approach that not only saves time but increases accuracy, improves daily processes and provides the insight companies need to understand crucial employee data. Furthermore, this allows us to take another step toward delivering true unification and integrated solutions to our clients."

The value of Perform Time in enhancing the timekeeping function and bringing new efficiencies to the process has already received positive reviews from clients, who were instrumental in providing input during Paycor's client-driven development process:

Michelle Jablonowski, office manager of Paycor client Venue Lifestyle and Event Guide, commented, "Perform Time is much easier to use than our previous third-party solution. A lot less steps and much more user friendly. It suits our needs quite well."

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