Product Case Study: Scheduling Pro
Product Case Study: Scheduling Pro

Product Case Study: Scheduling Pro

Mini University Childcare Industry
Number of Mini University Employees
Mini University HR Solutions
“Scheduling Pro is a time saver. Before Paycor we used spreadsheets to schedule employees. We didn’t have the visibility or reporting that’s available to us now. - Kim Kramer, Vice President, Mini University

Scheduling Pro helps Mini University save time and limit overtime expenses.

Prior To Paycor

Mini University operates multiple early childhood education centers across the state of Ohio, employing a workforce of 168 employees. As with many childhood education centers, Mini University experiences a high volume of call-offs and shift changes. Program administrator Nicole Myrick previously used a solution that supported leave requests but not scheduling, which resulted in her spending an entire week creating monthly schedules. Not to mention that most of her time was spent in Excel, juggling multiple spreadsheets and managing shift requests.

HR Pain Point

  • Manual scheduling and tracking
  • Managing scheduling requests via email
  • Limited employee access to schedules

With Paycor

Now with Scheduling Pro, all information is in one place and the transition to a new solution for both administrators and employees has been seamless. Instead of depending on spreadsheets and manually tracking budgets, Scheduling Pro offers dashboards which break down work schedules and track hours and costs by week or month. And with the Scheduling Mobile app, employees can access their schedules and receive real-time notifications on the go. Scheduling Pro’s budgeting cap feature alerts administrators when employees are close to exceeding 40 hours in a week to prevent overtime expenses.


  • Improved compliance tracking
  • Personalized content by position or group
  • Automated recordkeeping process

“Scheduling took me an entire week before Paycor. Now with Scheduling Pro, it only takes me 30 minutes to schedule employees for the month.”

— Nicole Myrick, Administrator, Mini University

Paycor Product Features

  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Text notifications and group chats
  • Scheduling templates
  • Budget planning

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