Paycor Recruiting: Find Quality Candidates and Fill Open Positions Fast
Paycor Recruiting: Find Quality Candidates and Fill Open Positions Fast

Paycor Recruiting: Find Quality Candidates and Fill Open Positions Fast

Finding, interviewing and hiring talented people is one of the most important challenges growing businesses face. Paycor Recruiting is a software solution designed and built by recruiters for recruiters and HR hiring teams, with one goal in mind: solve your hiring problem fast and efficiently. Let’s walk through Paycor Recruiting step by step.

Paycor Recruiting Lets You Easily Create Fully-Branded Career Pages

Whether you have no IT support or an entire fleet, Paycor Recruiting makes it easy to have a fully-branded careers page that matches your website. Same colors, same fonts, same everything.

How It Helps Your Team

Your careers page defines you to candidates. Put your best foot forward.


  • Post jobs in seconds
  • Increase your pipeline
  • Increase offer acceptance
HR Director Executives

Fully-Branded Career Pages Feature Highlights

Whether you go fully custom or choose one of our out-of-the-box career page templates, Paycor Recruiting helps you have a consistent career page design that attracts candidates.

Up and running quickly

There are 2 options to choose from when integrating job listings from your Paycor Recruiting account onto your website and you can make it as custom as you want. Most integrations take a matter of hours to get your fully-integrated, branded careers page ready to attract and engage candidates.

Improve candidate experience

Branded career sites send signals of trust to candidates and your careers page design will create a positive impression, improving your pipeline. Paycor Recruiting won’t force applicants to another browser, create a popup window, or require a login. With helpful features like Cloud Apply, allowing candidates to upload resumes from Google Drive or Dropbox, and custom email templates, every applicant will always receive a customized acknowledgement after they have successfully applied for a job if you choose.

Paycor Recruiting Lets You Automatically Post To Multiple Job Boards For Free

Don’t waste time manually posting to job boards. Paycor Recruiting does that with one click, for free. That means your job is on your site and searchable in seconds.

How Free Job Postings Help Your Team

Approved jobs should be written once and posted everywhere with one click, for free.


With Paycor Recruiting’s free job postings to leading careers sites, Recruiters can easily get their jobs in front of the most qualified candidates with a few clicks of a button. Easily identify which site provides the best candidates with source tracking and reporting.

  • Increase your pipeline
  • Expand your reach
  • Increase efficiency
HR Director

HR Directors can rest assured that their recruiting team has access to the best candidates with Paycor Recruiting’s job board integrations. Easily manage spend and opt to pay for sponsored job postings if you would like to attract even more specialized talent.

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Uncover successful channels
  • Reduce errors

Avoid the cost of a bad hire by giving your team access to the largest talent pool possible. Maximize ROI through free job postings that generate large quantities of qualified candidates.

  • Improve Hiring Quality
  • Improve Hiring ROI
  • Maximize Budget

Free Job Posting Feature Highlights

Post jobs for free, automatically

You want to have the largest pool of high quality applicants. That means you have to expand your reach and where your job is posted to. Simply by checking a few boxes Paycor Recruiting will post to Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, and your custom careers page with one click. That means an error prone and time intensive process of manually posting jobs is completely eliminated just by using Paycor Recruiting. The time savings alone pays for itself and we continue to add more free listings.

Expand your reach for less

Broadcast your jobs to millions of job seekers at once and make sure that qualified candidates find your posting! We offer premium job postings on the largest job advertising sites and social media sites at discounted rates which means your Hiring ROI just improved without a single change in your process.

Expand your reach and be compliant

We offer integrations with diversity, veterans, and bilingual job sites that reach millions of job seekers. Compliment your compliance efforts and save money by advertising your jobs across a network of specialty sites without leaving Paycor Recruiting. All applicants apply on your careers page and are organized into one dashboard so you capture valuable information and analytics while saving time. Paycor Recruiting's Online Job Applications With Paycor Recruiting’s customizable online job applications, employers collect the right info, maintain compliance, and ensure good candidate experience. Control your hiring process by creating mobile-friendly online job applications available in English or Spanish, vastly improving the candidate experience.

How it helps your team

Attract more qualified candidates to submit online job applications with a modern candidate experience.


  • Manage resumes, not paper
  • Post once, parse everywhere
  • More efficient emails
HR Director
  • Automatic compliance
  • Reduction in errors
  • Accurate pipeline
  • Hiring ROI visibility
  • Reduced audit risk
  • Increased brand equity

Paycor's Recruiting Feature Highlights

Submit once, parse everywhere

Our advanced document parsing engine will automatically fill out online job applications in real-time when job seekers upload a resume from any mobile device or desktop, dramatically improving the applicants’ job seeking experience. Required fields guarantee that you are safely collecting the correct information from every applicant that you can use to send confirmation emails, thank you emails, rejection emails, offer emails, and any other communication you might have with a candidate.

Request Additional Information

With candidate information requests, you can easily collect additional information from candidates already in Paycor Recruiting. Click a button, choose a request, and send an email to your selected candidate! This helps you:

  • Simplify initial application to increase application rates
  • Close compliance gaps for EEOC and OFCCP
  • Develop more complete profiles of your candidates
Apply from any device

Whether you’re a mid-market manufacturing company or in the healthcare business, it’s inevitable that job seekers want to access your careers website and apply to online job posts from smartphones and tablets. This means using Paycor Recruiting’s Cloud Apply is essential to allow candidates to submit resumes and other files via cloud-based storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Cloud Apply used in conjunction with our resume parsing engine means higher candidate conversion rates, a win-win for you and candidates.

Apply in English or Spanish

Seamlessly post job openings in English or Spanish so candidates can go through every step of the application process in either language.

Stay compliant

Use minimum qualification questions and employment applications together to ensure your team is reviewing the right applicants. Employers have the flexibility to customize the online application process to meet their needs and ensure EEO / OFCCP compliance. With Paycor Recruiting, you’ll capture answers to voluntary EEO/ AA surveys consistency while automatically building your applicant flow logs and hire offer log. Paycor Recruiting's Resume & CV Parsing Software Paycor Recruiting comes with enterprise-grade resume parsing and scanning tools with nearly limitless input options, producing the most accurate results with no manual work.

How Resume Parsing & Scanning Tools help your team

Add, organize, and discover job candidates quickly and easily, making resume and recruiting data actionable.


  • Advanced searchability
  • More automation
  • Less manual data entry
HR Director
  • Extend data value
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase ROI
  • Less manual data entry
  • Accurate resume uploads
  • Expanded hire-ability
With Resume Parsing, candidates don’t have to waste time on manual data entry and are provided the best candidate experience possible. Recruiters can rest easy knowing they are capturing all relevant information from candidates while improving application rates. For HR Directors and Executives, Resume Parsing creates a great employer brand attracting the highest quality candidates every time.

Resume Parsing Feature Highlights

What is Resume Parsing?

Parsing a resume or CV just means that Paycor Recruiting’s resume scanning software can extract the information held in documents that a candidate submits regardless of the format they submit them in. Paycor Recruiting’s resume analyzer intelligently stores that information into the correct fields of the candidate profile, which means errors from manually inputting data are a thing of the past, giving you a clean talent pool to search in.

Highly searchable talent pool

Every word of every resume is parsed and indexed in Paycor Recruiting’s memory to provide you with a highly searchable talent pool. Paycor Recruiting’s resume scanner even parses comments, notes, and interview feedback making your recruiting data even more powerful. Never lose a candidate that was perfect for a job that wasn’t approved yet.

Limitless input options

Smart resume parsing technology supports every imaginable commercial document format for resume parsing: PDF, HTML, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice, txt, the list goes on and on. Paycor Recruiting’s 6 week feature release cycle ensures that even if a new format catches on your team will be able to accept it. Allowing candidates to submit in whatever format they are comfortable in improves your pipeline and candidate experience at the same time. Paycor Recruiting: Sourcing The Best Candidates Paycor Recruiting’s Advanced Candidate Search makes your resumes, online job applications, comments and notes, salaries, locations, and candidate feedback immediately discoverable.

How Candidate Sourcing tools help your team find the best talent

Use our job candidate search tools to find gems already in your candidate database. Don’t waste your time sourcing candidates who might not be interested, or have moved on, sometimes the best candidate pipeline is right under your nose.


  • Access to all data
  • Gain insights
  • Reduce time to fill
HR Directors
  • Make data more valuable
  • Increase efficiency
  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Maximize ROI
  • Hire faster
  • Reduce turnover
Candidate Sourcing tools make sure top talent doesn’t slip through the cracks. Recruiters get access to all necessary data and can gain insights into candidate’s qualifications, reducing time to fill. HR Directors are able to make data more valuable and increase recruiting efficiency, ultimately leading to a better candidate experience. Executives can ensure ROI is maximized by finding talent faster and reducing employee turnover.

Job Candidate Search Feature Highlights

Advanced Search allows you to use any information you have to find candidates already in your database. Use smart tags, search by location radius or combine any number of data points to source candidates you already have.

Search everything

Recruiting information is the currency of every employer’s recruiting program. You can never make a cheaper, more efficient hire than the candidate that already exists in your database. Our Advanced Candidate Search allows you to filter your ideal candidate profile through the use of your recruiting data, including resumes, online job application data, comments and notes, salary data, location data, candidate feedback and anything else that you collect about your candidates.

Smart filters make it easy to find the best candidate

Paycor Recruiting supports all Boolean operators and has dozens of ways for you to further distill results with filters including: radius, last employer, salary, skills, job title, last updated, highest stage they have achieved in the process, interview score and more. You are only limited by your imagination.

Share search results with your team

Not only does Paycor Recruiting makes it easy to discover valuable information and unlock data in your talent pool, we also make it easy to share information with your team via email and folders that you can build easily with our drag and drop technology.

Paycor Recruiting: Social Recruiting and Employment Referral Tools

Reward your employees for referrals with a fast, mobile-first, easy-to-use social recruiting tool for sharing job openings with their personal networks.

How Social and Employee referrals help your team hire vetted candidates

Reach passive candidates, promote your brand on social media, track your success with our social recruiting and employee referral tools.


  • Attract qualified candidates
  • Expand your reach
  • Increase efficiency
HR Directors
  • Build employment brand
  • Engage employees
  • Reduce costs
  • Fill jobs faster
  • Improve hiring ROI
  • Reduce turnover
With Employee Referral Program and social recruiting tools, we make it easy to optimize hiring efforts across your team. Recruiters can immediately tap into current employees to expand reach and attract high-quality candidates. HR Directors and Executives can improve hiring ROI while boosting employer brand.

Employee Referrals and Social Media Recruiting Highlights

Expand your reach
Employee referrals save you time and money and passive candidates are often the most highly desirable ones. Our employee referral tools allow employees to broadcast job openings to their personal networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all from their mobile phone without having to download a special app.

Gamify hiring
The hallmark of a successful employee referral program is engagement. With Paycor Recruiting, a social recruiting tool can be fun! Employees earn points when referrals apply and when they are hired. Your team earns points and recognition with a leaderboard. Set your own point system, attach rewards to specific jobs, and see your hiring rate skyrocket.

Endorse referrals privately
When referrals apply the original referral source can vouch for applicants and the response will be securely stored in Paycor Recruiting so that only approved members of your HR team can review it privately. Providing your team context behind the referral saves teams time and energy when interviewing employee referrals.

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