Shawnee Health Service Discovers a More Reliable and Accurate HR & Payroll Solution with Paycor
Shawnee Health Service Discovers a More Reliable and Accurate HR & Payroll Solution with Paycor

Shawnee Health Service Discovers a More Reliable and Accurate HR & Payroll Solution with Paycor

Shawneee Health Services Medical Industry
Shawnee Health Service Employees
Shawnee Health Service Paycor Solutions

“When we decided to switch providers, Paycor was the only one that offered to come on site and provide a demo. They brought a team of implementation and healthcare experts to answer our questions and review our needs.”

- Derek Olsen, Employee Services Coordinator

Why Shawnee Health Service Left Their HR & Payroll Provider

Shawnee Health Service is a Federally Qualified Health Center providing comprehensive primary and preventive care, including health, oral and mental health/substance abuse services to persons of all ages throughout southern Illinois. When implementation errors and setup issues created several software problems, they immediately began searching for a new solution that would have the knowledge and expertise to handle their complex HR and payroll needs.

Prior to Paycor

The HR & payroll system was not integrated which led to discrepancies between time off calculations and benefits rates. Worst of all, when administrators needed support, the provider was slow to respond. The lack of support and constant errors caused the employees to lose faith in the system.


  • Error-filled implementation
  • Disconnected systems
  • Poor customer service
  • Inaccurate benefit rates
  • Lack of trust

With Paycor

The switch to Paycor has resulted in time savings and increased efficiencies across the organization. Administrators’ questions are met with immediate responses from the Paycor team. Processing payroll with Paycor is seamless, eliminating hours spent reviewing and verifying employee records. Paycor’s goal tracking and performance review functionality has eliminated paperwork and cut out time-consuming manual processes.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Consultative sales process
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Enhanced recruiting functionality<.li>
  • Goal tracking
  • Automated performance reviews

statistic using data to save time

Recruiting & Hiring

Shawnee Health Service’s previous recruiting solution was very restrictive, creating a poor experience for applicants. They now offer a professional website to streamline the application process and decrease the time it takes to fill key positions. Additionally, administrators can now edit job postings in real time and access past resumes instantly.

Performance Reviews

Once a cumbersome, manual process, employee performance reviews are now fully automated. Managers can set goals in the system and employees can view them along with past performance reviews at any time without HR intervention. With the improved review process, Shawnee has implemented stay interviews and pulse checks to support employee engagement.

Shawnee Health Service partners with Paycor to recruit, onboard, pay and retain their workforce.

“The success we’ve had in a short period with Paycor proves to us that we made the right decision. From implementation to support, the level of service we’ve received has been tremendous.”

- Derek Olsen, Employee Services Coordinator

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