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HR Metrics Cheat Sheet
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HR Metrics Cheat Sheet

Last Updated: March 15, 2024

The answers to HR’s most pressing business problems—everything from troubleshooting a recruiting pipeline to predicting labor costs, overtime and turnover—are in their company’s HR, payroll, ATS and time systems. But HR professionals are constantly fighting an uphill battle. They aren’t data scientists and they often lack the support, resources and budget needed to make sense of the data, let alone measure its financial impact.

The ONE THING high-performing HR teams do differently.

Paycor reviewed proprietary data from nearly 3,000 customers and found that many standard HR and recruiting metrics are tactical, in that they track project management, or, at most, basic dollar-in, dollar-out cost analysis. The most successful HR teams map people management metrics to business outcomes, and that gets the C-suite to pay attention.

View our cheat sheet below to discover the essential HR metrics organizations should be using to measure impact.

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