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Talent Development ROI Calculator
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Talent Development

Talent Development ROI Calculator

How Much Can You Save with Talent Management Tools?

What’s the key to successful recruiting, retention, and company culture? A focus and priority on employee talent management. If employees are engaged, compensated well, and given a clear path forward, retention rates soar. The opposite is also true. A recent survey (FlexJobs) showed that 62% of employees who were considering quitting their jobs cited a “toxic company culture” as their #1 reason for leaving, followed by low salary, poor management, and a dismal work-life balance.

Paycor can help you build an effective talent management solution that saves your organization money. By implementing modern recruiting tools that help find savings with WOTC and ERC, combined with frequent coaching conversations and performance reviews, and compensation plans that are equitable and competitive, your turnover rates will drop, and your overall savings will increase.

To see how much you can save with Paycor’s HR and Talent Management solutions, take the quiz below.


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