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Dayrise Residential Outgrows Their PEO
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Workforce Management

Dayrise Residential Outgrows Their PEO

Dayrise Residential had a great problem. Founded in 2011, this multifamily housing and operations company now manages nearly 80 properties in eight states and employs, at any given time, close to 500 people. As the Dayrise business grew, they found that their HR and Payroll needs were outgrowing their PEO. Dayrise needed to streamline their recruiting process to keep pace with the demands of filling new positions. And once the recruiting problem was solved, they needed help onboarding and training employees. They also needed access to their data and analytics—and their rigid PEO partner just couldn’t make it happen.

So Dayrise met with Paycor. What impressed them right away was that Paycor is not in the business of flashy demos and “closing the deal.” Instead, Paycor took time to get to know their business and to understand their goals as well as the obstacles they’d need to overcome to get there.

Check out this video to learn more about how Paycor helped Dayrise Residential solve problems and grow.