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Dayrise Residential Outgrows Their PEO
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Workforce Management

Dayrise Residential Outgrows Their PEO

Dayrise Residential was growing—quickly— and they knew the labor-intensive and time-consuming HR and payroll process required by their PEO couldn’t keep up with their expectations and goals. Founded in 2011, Dayrise is a multifamily housing management company with 500 employees across eight states, and they needed a partner who could streamline recruiting, onboarding and benefits while keeping them compliant. Dayrise also wanted a system that could provide data insights, reporting and analytics so they’d have a complete overview of their hiring and training processes.

When Dayrise met with Paycor, they were impressed with our genuine interest in getting to know the company and understand their challenges rather than just show a flashy demo and quickly “close the deal.” Check out this video to learn more about how Paycor helped Dayrise Residential solve their problems and achieve goals.