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Video: Paycor's New Mobile App
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It’s Here: A New Mobile App [Video]

Introducing our new Employee Mobile App! Be where your work force is…on the go.

Employees can access important information directly from their mobile phone. Features coming soon include:

  • Review Pay Information: Employees can view current pay information or even see a historical view of up to three years.
  • Request Time Off: Employees can request time off without having to sign into a computer or come talk to you.
  • Time Off Balance: Anyone can view their Time Off Balance without having to contact their administrator or manager to find out how many days they have left.
  • Clock In/Clock Out Functionality: Administrators have the option to allow employees to punch in or out using their mobile phone. They can even choose which location or department they are punching into if they work in multiple locations or departments.
  • Available in Spanish: Your employees who speak Spanish can also easily interact with the app.

Learn more and download our mobile app, here.