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April Customer Exclusive: Navigating the Complex World of Benefits
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According to a 2022 SHRM article, 44% of employees say they feel uncomfortable asking their HR team questions about health insurance enrollment, while 47% say they call their friends or family members for help when enrolling in health insurance.

72% of employees just wish someone would tell them which health insurance is best for their unique situation.

Paycor’s Benefits Advisor can help conquer your employees’ lack of understanding around their health benefits. Dive in with Paycor’s product experts and see how we can help you control costs and make life easier for you and your employees.


Lisa Thompson and Steve McKinney

Lisa Thompson is a Paycor Product Marketing Manager and is responsible for our Benefits Advisor product and drives the go-to-market strategy to Paycor’s customer base.

Steve McKinney is a Regional Sales Director for Paycor and has expert knowledge of our Benefits Advisor product and provides a client-facing perspective of the benefits and efficiencies of this product.