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Better Together: A Framework to Drive Outcomes through Effective HR Policy
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Talent Management

Better Together: A Framework to Drive Outcomes through Effective HR Policy

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HR policies are more than just a way to comply with the law and protect your organization. They help shape your culture by showing your associates how the work gets done in their day-to-day interactions. This webinar will provide an effective policy framework by asking basic questions to deliver outcomes that impact the bottom line.

Speaker: Ashley Terrell

Ashley is a Senior HR Consultant at strategic HR inc.,a division of Clark Schaefer Hackett, with over 15 years of  full-cycle HR experience across many industries, including start-ups, nonprofits, and Fortune 20 retailers. She supports the mission & vision of an organization through aligned HR strategic objectives, that bring business strategies to life through people. She demonstrates the value, credibility, stewardship, and partnership that the discipline of Human Resources brings to any organization, through the outcomes realized.