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Driving a Positive Employee Experience with Performance Management
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Talent Management

Driving a Positive Employee Experience with Performance Management

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For too long organizations have only thought about the customer experience and not their employees’. As we roll into 2021, that’s about to change. In this webinar, Elizabeth Stewart, Director of Customer Success & Professional Services at 7Geese, will discuss how to drive positive employee experiences (EX) using behavioral design. Attendees will learn how to incorporate tools like goal-setting, feedback, data-driven reviews, meaningful 1-on-1s, and consumer-grade tech to improve EX in their upcoming performance reviews cycle.

Attendees will learn 3 key ideas:

  • How to inspire people: help employees walk out of performance conversations feeling challenged & motivated to achieve their goals.
  • How to involve employees: learn what it means to facilitate performance reviews and involve employees in creating the performance management process.
  • How to include everyone: performance management should be designed to be inclusive, fair, or to promote belonging.

Speakers: Libby Stewart

Libby is an Evidence based Practitioner with a background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology which, for those who may not be familiar with, is most easily understood as the science of people and how they perform in the workplace. She has a decade of experience in Talent Management and Organizational Development as well as Board Advisory and prior to this partnered on research projects in social, business and cognitive psychology with a focus on affirmative action programs and women in the workplace. Libby is currently the Director of Customer Success & Professional Services for 7Geese, that was recently acquired by the Paycor family.