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HR Unleashed – Transforming from Support Role to Strategic Leader
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Join us for details and steps on how to:

  • Establish strategic relationships to influence organizational decision-making
  • Effectively develop people from the Executive level down
  • Facilitate the development and communication of the organization’s core values, vision, mission, and ethical behaviors
  • Effectively assess people and place them in roles where they can excel


Steve Browne

Steve Browne is the Chief People Officer for LaRosa’s, Inc. – a regional Pizzeria restaurant chain in Southwest Ohio with 10 locations and over 1,000 Team Members. Steve has been an HR professional for 35+ years and has worked in the Hospitality, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, and Professional Services industries in various HR roles.

He was recently a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Board of Directors and has held several other national, regional, state, and local SHRM volunteer leader roles. He facilitates a monthly HR Roundtable as well as an HR internet forum, called the HR Net, which reaches over 14,000+ people globally each week.