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Maintaining I-9 Compliance
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We will discuss:

  • When to legally get rid of an I-9 and why holding on to all of your historical I-9s will create more exposure and fines.
  • How to fix I-9 mistakes a predecessor made.
  • Why you need a copy of M-274.
  • How payroll and HR people are perjuring themselves in the I-9 process and how to avoid this.
  • The end of I-9 pandemic “flexibility” on May 31st and what to do next.


Speaker: Becky Becker

Becky Becker is a national speaker and consultant on Workplace Issues.  In 2016, she started her own consulting company Work4Accord, LLC where she serves National and Regional clients.

Work4Accord’s mission is to help Business Owners minimize workplace conflict so they can focus on “their businesses”. In 2018, Work4Accord developed a nationally recognized certificate program on Harassment Bystander Training.

Becky is a “Professional Encourager of Others”. She is active in communities that support professional growth including the SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management and the NSA, National Speakers Association.