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April Virtual Summit – Redefining Layoffs to Ensure Compliance and Compassion
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half of the workforce leaves their jobs annually, with one in 10 employees being asked to leave as part of a workforce reduction.

However, LinkedIn reports one in 20 is rehired, and no laws prevent an employer from rehiring a laid-off employee. But why would an employee want to return if their initial separation wasn’t handled with compassion? Given today’s dynamic landscape, leaders should embrace empathetic employee separations.

This session will show you how to break the cycle and be the employer who cares.

  • Learn how your organization can mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve equity by simplifying employee separations in compliance with corporate policy and employment laws.
  • Actionable strategies for taking compassionate and practical steps to employee separations.
  • A framework for an improved separation process that is sensitive to the employee experience.


Sarah Rodehorst with Onwards HR

Sarah Rodehorst is the Chief Executive Officer of Onwards HR, the leading separation compliance platform that ensures consistent, compliant and supportive employee exits. Sarah co-founded Onwards HR after more than two decades of experience launching SaaS products in the human resource sector at startup and Fortune 500 companies. Sarah is a sought-after thought leader and speaker on separation compliance, DEI in the workplace, and women in technology.