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The Benefits of OnDemand Pay: Help Your Clients Retain & Recruit Hourly Workers
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It’s no secret: employers are struggling to recruit and retain hourly workers and millions of employees are burdened with undue financial stress. In this webinar, exclusively for Paycor’s broker, bank, and financial advisor partners, we’ll discuss how offering a no-cost benefit (OnDemand Pay) can be part of your renewal conversations and add impact to your overall plan designs.

According to Forbes, 100 million U.S. workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. The topic of earned wage access – and how offering it can be a benefit that helps retain employees and be a strong differentiator in recruiting talent- is top of mind for your clients in industries like restaurant, retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

Join us to learn how Paycor’s OnDemand Pay can help your clients alleviate financial hardships that many Americans face without cost to them or their employees.

In this webinar:

  • Get the stats and the resources to proactively talk about earned wage access with your clients. For example, did you know flexible wage options decrease attrition within 30, 60 and 90 days by 36%, 29% and 24% respectively?
  • Learn how OnDemand Pay can help your clients boost retention, decrease absenteeism, and gain a competitive advantage to filling hourly roles.


Jamie Heinen and James Frost

Jamie Heinen is the principal marketing program manager for strategic partnerships. In her role, Jamie supports Paycor’s top broker, banker, and 401k/Retirement partnerships, identifying and driving mutual go-to-market opportunities to win and retain.

James Frost is the senior product marketing manager for our payroll, time, and scheduling products. In his role, James talks to customers, learns what they’re looking for, and reports back to his product partners to develop solutions that help HR leaders build winning teams.