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Virtual Summit – From Burnout to Brilliance: Why Culture Matters
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Virtual Summit – From Burnout to Brilliance: Why Culture Matters

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You’ve probably heard the term burnout repeatedly, especially as a reason why employees leave, but do you know exactly what it is and why it might be happening in your workplace?

Watch as we help HR leaders think differently in response to real data about burnout and learn key areas of focus.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Causes of burnout: risk factors and consequences.
  • How to embrace change for future success.
  • How culture plays a major role in promoting brilliance over burnout.
  • 5 new ideas to re-engage employees and help them thrive.

Speakers: Melanie Booher

Melanie Booher is a proactive people connector, genuine leader, change agent, culture-champion and entrepreneurial business coach. Her passion lies in generating meaningful change in the areas of HR, People Operations, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Business Strategy and Culture-Shaping. , Melanie utilizes her advanced people prowess and innate knowledge of culture-shaping strategy and tactics to lead to alignment, results and a competitive advantage.