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BUILD Web Summit – Build a Burnout Resistant Culture
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BUILD Web Summit – Build a Burnout Resistant Culture

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“The U.S. ranks 30th out of 38 countries in work-life balance which is the bottom 20%. Over 11% of employees in America work more than 50 hours per week.”

Join us as we discuss ways to attack burnout from a work efficiency perspective in order to build a burnout resistant culture. Employers need to encourage and reward work efficiency in conjunction with work-life balance, instead of long, unproductive hours.

Speaker: Eugene Partridge

Eugene Partridge, III is the Director of Procurement for Paycor, Inc., as well as a speaker, author and music producer. He uses his influence to invoke change and his voice to deliver life changing messages of inspiration. He was honored to be a TEDx speaker in May 2019. He has spoken for Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber leadership programs, as well as leadership development programs and conferences across the country. Eugene’s second book, Career Fertilizer, will release on June 22, 2019. This book breaks down the 17 essential nutrients necessary to build a thriving career. These proven principles have enabled Eugene to hold leadership roles in several Global Fortune 500, Fortune 1,000, and rapid growth companies.