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BUILD Web Summit – Build a Culture of Feedback
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BUILD Web Summit – Build a Culture of Feedback

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Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” HR professionals who connect the two have a powerful impact on their organization. In this session, we’ll review practical ways to activate and reinforce culture. We’ll also review ways to stimulate conversations about culture from the top to the grass-roots.

Speaker: Karen Crone

Karen is Paycor’s CHRO. She’s responsible for scaling Paycor’s people practices in support of its rapid growth, and for reinforcing its strong culture across an evolving geographic footprint. Over the last nine years, Karen has helped Paycor grow from 400 to over 1,800 associates. Her current focus is on enhancing Paycor’s culture and developing its future leaders. She’s a graduate of Miami University and the University of Cincinnati, and roots for the “red team” in their cross-town rivalries.