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Business Continuity Planning Tips for SMB Leaders
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Business Continuity Planning Tips for SMB Leaders

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The coronavirus is a public health event that’s affecting all of us, our families, our communities and our businesses. As organizations strike the difficult balance of keeping their employees safe and maintaining key business functions, it’s essential that you have a plan in place.

Join Paycor’s very own Chief Human Resources Officer, Karen Crone, for tips on creating a business continuity plan during times of crisis and how to effectively communicate your plan to associates.

Speaker: Karen Crone

Karen Crone, Chief Human Resources Officer at Paycor. Karen is responsible for scaling Paycor’s people practices in support of its rapid growth and for reinforcing its strong culture across an evolving geographic footprint. Over the last nine years, Karen has helped Paycor grow from 400 to over 1,800 associates. Her current focus is on enhancing Paycor’s culture and developing its future leaders.