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Courageous Leadership During the Crisis
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Courageous Leadership During the Crisis

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Courageous leaders, your time is now! During this challenging time, your people are depending on you for clear guidance and leadership. Join us for this webinar as we highlight several key initiatives you can implement now to eliminate confusion and stand out as a positive leader at your organization.

Speaker: Mike Sipple

Mike Sipple Jr. is the President of Centennial, which specializes in Talent Strategy and Executive Search. Mike is also the Co-Founder of the Talent Magnet Institute and the Host of the internationally known Talent Magnet Institute Podcast. He has extensive experience supporting forward-thinking and growth-oriented decision makers of family owned businesses, privately held organizations and private equity groups all across the world. He partners with leaders and board members who have a strong desire to build highly effective leadership teams and healthy organizations to achieve their next chapter of success. He also believes that to become a true talent magnet you have to not only attract the best but also retain the best.