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How People Analytics can Impact your Retention Strategies
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How People Analytics can Impact your Retention Strategies

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Is employee retention and the competitive job market keeping you and your CEO up at night? As soon as your employee feels dissatisfied with their job, there’s another company lying in wait, promising them a better future (and more money).

What if you could get ahead of job dissatisfaction and spot these red flags before your best employees are even considering their job search?

Join Donal Murphy as we discuss:

– What people analytics is, and how it differs from HR reporting

– How to get started with analytics

– Best practices for solving critical business problems like retention

Speaker: Donal Murphy

Donal is the Director of Partner Enablement at Visier and manages Go-to-Market planning and operations for Visier’s Embedded Analytics partners. Previously, he led European and Middle Eastern Sales and Operations for Halogen Software.