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Employee Experience

March 2020 Web Summit – The ABC’s of CBD and Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

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To test or not to test? With more states and local municipalities legalizing medical marijuana and CBD, is it even worth spending money to drug test your employees? In this session, we’ll discuss medical marijuana, recreational use and CBD oils and how this may affect your current drug-free workplace policy.

Speaker: Sarah Laboranti

Sarah Laboranti is a Human Resources Consultant with Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. with over nineteen years of experience. Sarah is passionate about bringing new ideas to the workforce and leveraging HR’s important role in the organization. She has an upbeat attitude toward the role of Human Resources, in which HR is empowered to “do the right thing” for employees, leaders, the business, and the community. Her leadership success, in or out of the work environment, lies in her drive to consistently rally great people around her and do what it takes to find answers, get resources, and win as a team.