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Navigating the Maze of the Unique Compensation and Tax Aspects of Ministers

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Ministers are granted several privileges within the rules of compensation and payroll. Navigating these rules is often difficult due to the various complexities. From considerations regarding housing allowance or the use of parsonages, to the way ministers pay their taxes, every aspect of a minister’s compensation package requires special consideration. These complexities make it difficult for churches, ministries and ministers to understand how everything works together and how to determine how best to comply with all the rules and achieve the greatest tax advantages.

This session reviewed all of these unique areas and provide guidance in working through the maze of questions surrounding ministerial compensation and tax issues.

Speaker: Elaine Sommerville

Elaine L. Sommerville is licensed as a certified public accountant by the State of Texas. She has worked in public accounting since 1985. Her practice has and continues to be centered primarily on the tax compliance aspects of nonprofit organizations and churches.