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October Web Summit – Self Care for the HR Pro
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October Web Summit – Self Care for the HR Pro

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Why do employers continue to invest in innovative programs related to mindfulness, mental health, diet and exercise, financial wellness, sleep and stress management? Because improved employee well-being leads to increased worker productivity. And, employees are demanding it.

But as HR leaders are tasked with designing and administering wellness programs for their employees, they may not take time to invest in their own health and well-being.

With the ever-increasing demands of work and life, it’s more crucial than ever to prioritize self-care­. In this session, we’ll discuss 5 key self-care areas for HR pros, and how you can take positive steps to becoming better and healthier at work and in life.

Speaker: Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is a former HR executive who works with business leaders to build their influence, think strategically and create maximum positive impact. Jennifer hosts a weekly podcast—Impact Makers with Jennifer McClure— and is the Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR, a global community designed to inform and empower business leaders who are interested in disruptive ideas and moving the collective thinking forward when it comes to talent in the workplace.