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October Web Summit – Synergy in the Workplace
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October Web Summit – Synergy in the Workplace

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Everyone has a right to dignity and respect—but we sometimes lose focus of this, even in the workplace. When employees share a common understanding of the right ways to interact with and treat one another, employee synergy and business performance increase substantially.

During this webinar we’ll explore the basic pillars of workplace behavior, how to encourage them, build a culture of civility champions and spend time reaping the benefits instead of fighting a retention problem.

Speaker: Jamie Bierman

Jamie brings 13 years of strategic HR experience in retail, manufacturing and commercial organizations. She has focused on managing leadership development, coaching & training programs, performance management and strategic planning, as well as participating as an HR Executive Member of various internal business teams.

In her most recent role, Jamie served as the Associate Vice President of Human Resources for a growing retail organization and is directly responsible for building a dynamic and cross-functional Human Resources and Training Team serving over 500 employees and 17 locations.