As a retail owner, you face unique recruiting, staffing, and compliance challenges. We have the experience and expertise to help.

Retail has specific challenges with recruiting, staffing and ACA compliance that other industries don't. As a retail owner, you need to provide an environment of HR efficiency and simplicity so that you’re properly staffed—and your staff is prepared to deliver a premium customer experience. Paycor’s HRIS platform improves your team’s efficiency, and lowers your labor costs, and it helps keep you compliant along the way.

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Staff Attrition

In retail, help is always wanted. How do you onboard quality new hires quickly and then retain them? Onboarding plays a big role in the overall employee experience and is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover. Paycor’s onboarding solution streamlines every aspect of getting new hires up to speed.

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Recruiting & Staffing

Retail human resource management and staffing demands a flexible approach. Seasonal changes in shopping habits mean you may have to staff up or down quickly. Paycor’s Applicant Tracking System helps you find and recruit talent when and where you need them.

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ACA Compliance

ACA compliance is a moving target. It can be especially difficult for retailers, whose workforce consists of a mix of part-time, full-time and seasonal employees. Paycor is an industry leader in ACA compliance with a proven track record of success.

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Paycor Knows Retail

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"According to users, Paycor is easier to use, more economical and has better support than alternative solutions..."

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Paycor’s core HRMS scored the highest “Service & Support” rating in this year’s most respected annual benchmark report.

- Sierra-Cedar Honoree

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