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Move beyond the once-a-year employee review and create a culture of continuous development with a modern performance management system.

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Inspire Employees, Improve Efficiency, and Align Your Workforce to Your Company’s Top Priorities

Performance reviews, when done right, are a critical component to improving employee productivity and engagement. But traditional performance management solutions fail to deliver results. With infrequent conversations riddled with biases and information gaps, traditional performance reviews aren’t inspiring employees to improve. Paycor Talent Development is performance management software that empowers high-performing companies to shift to a focus on continuous development with coaching conversations that will help employees feel more engaged, create the right level of focus and deliver better business outcomes.

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A Culture of Continuous Development

There’s no doubt, 2020 was a year of disruption. But it was also a driver of potential change. The work environment looks different; more people work remotely; some are tackling multiple shifts and others juggle new responsibilities in the workplace. Employers need to make sure their employee performance management system saves everyone time and frustration.

Paycor Talent Development offers a low touch yet robust development management platform that provides automated workflows to support your processes. Key product features include:

  • 1:1s– Streamline continuous conversation between managers and employees, keeping everyone focused on and accountable for their top priorities.
  • Feedback – Improve the communication loop (peers, teams, company) and facilitate a culture of engagement, self-improvement & team development.
  • Employee Ratings - Use a 9-box grid to visualize individual employee performance and develop coaching strategies so they can better achieve their potential.
  • Goals - Work toward the same goals with transparent and aligned objectives and key results (OKRs). Clear alignment of priorities eliminates wasted hours spent on unproductive and non-impactful work.
  • Performance Reviews – Tie it all together! Pull data from 1:1s, feedback and goals to conduct time-efficient reviews based on historical performance data to reduce bias.

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Inspire Employees to Achieve Results

When performance reviews are done right, organizations see 14% higher employee engagement and 24% higher workforce performance, according to a recent Gartner report on performance management. Move beyond the once-a-year performance reviews and engage your employees.

The 1:1 tool supports an ongoing coaching conversation between managers and direct reports. This provides opportunities to remove roadblocks and celebrate success. With the feedback tool, you have the ability to improve communication across your entire organization, cultivating a culture of employee engagement. Notable features include:

  • Calendar Sync
  • Customizable, Pre-built Templates
  • Action Items and Assignment
  • Give and Receive Feedback
  • Employee Led Survey
  • Manager Led Survey
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Align Individual Goals to Company-Wide Initiatives

Keep track of OKRs and SMART goals in a simple, transparent platform that provides a visual representation of how your individual, team and organizational objectives are connected. This helps align your workforce to your company’s top priorities and lets employees see where they’re making the biggest impact in your business, eliminating wasted hours spent on unproductive work.

  • Company Level Goals
  • Cascade Goals to Departments, Personal
  • Cross Department or Team Goals
  • Scheduled Reminders, Check-Ins, Email Summary and In-App Notifications
  • Summary Dashboards and Status
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Improve Efficiency

Paycor Talent Development saves you time and removes the complexity often associated with performance management. With automated workflows, prompts, tasks and notifications, there’s no longer a manual burden on admins, managers and employees. Data is automatically compiled from a selected time frame to generate a desired report. This highly effective platform gives everyone time back in their day to focus on what really matters.

  • Custom Report Builder
  • Best Practice Templates
  • Quick Link Dashboards
  • Access and Archive History

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