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Talenya AI Recruiting

Talenya + Paycor

In a recent Paycor survey of nearly 6,000 professionals, more than half said they believe the talent shortage is a long-term or permanent feature of the economy. Given the importance of finding top talent in this highly competitive market, Paycor + Talenya offers the comprehensive recruiting tool HR and business leaders need to easily source and hire the right candidates for your organization.

Discover the Paycor Difference

Powerful Recruiting + Hiring Software

Powerful Recruiting + Hiring Software

Talenya’s recruiting platform is the perfect complement to our solution, and we’re excited to offer customers new functionality to help them reduce time to hire and attract new candidates. Talenya’s innovative platform will allow Paycor to differentiate from our competition and reduce time to fill critical roles by sourcing:

  • Candidates that are actively looking to change jobs
  • Passive candidates that may not be in the market
  • Diverse candidates that may be ideal for the role and potential overlooked by traditional systems

Select Product Features

Talenya Paycor recruiting candidate search calibration

Find Candidates Faster —

Decrease Time-to-Fill

Decrease time-to-fill critical roles by sourcing candidates actively looking to change jobs.

Talenya Paycor recruiting AI software candidate list

Discover Passive Candidates —

Expand Your Reach

Search for passive candidates with key skills/qualifications that may not be in the job market.

Talenya Paycor recruiting discover diverse candidates with AI

Identify Diverse Candidates —

More Candidates, New Opportunities

Find diverse candidates that may be ideal for the role but overlooked by traditional systems.

Search for Skilled Talent —

Drill Down into Industries

Expand your search parameters by pursuing skilled workers in a variety of industries.


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