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Monitor, control and make better decisions about labor costs through automated and accurate time-keeping processes with our smart and simplified time and attendance software.

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The first step to monitoring, measuring, and eventually predicting labor cost trends is to fully and accurately automate your time-keeping systems.

Paycor’s Time and Attendance solution lets you monitor, control and make better decisions about labor costs through automated and accurate time-keeping processes. Check out our Time ROI Calculator to see how we can help make you more efficient and impact your bottom line.

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Expect More from Your HCM Software

Unified System of Record
Enjoy unified platform that eliminates costly errors with one single source of truth across Time & Attendance, Payroll, and HR.

Time Off Dashboard
Easily view and manage all employee time off and vacation requests in one place.

Employee Self-Service
Multiple forms of time-entry methods (mobile, web, kiosk, clock) allow employees to manage their time and schedules efficiently and easily.

Proactive Alerts and Messaging
Proactive alerts and messages instantly notify users and administrators of any errors or discrepancies to avoid costly compliance issues or incorrect time cards.

Mobile Punching
Capability to verify punch locations, allowing administrators to set precise location maps to ensure employees are punching in or near desired work locations.

Managing Time & Attendance Exceptions
Easily identify potential time card issues and make changes in one place. Plus, take advantage of a Points & Incidents policy feature to improve absenteeism and tardiness rates.

Overtime Insights
Do you have overtime expenses? Our Overtime Dashboard breaks down your spend by department, manager, location, and more. It even predicts your expected spend through the rest of the year.

Wage and Hour Compliance
Provides an easy-to-use system recording every hour worked by each employee to help your organization maintain Department of Labor compliance and protect itself from employment lawsuits.

Reduce Time Theft
System has built-in safeguards to ensure accurate timekeeping, thereby making sure your people receive the pay they've earned."

Control costs and fine-tune labor requirements with a built-in scheduling tool.

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Paycor offers industy-best expertise and knowledge of wage and hour compliance. Our platform provides the necessary reports and documentation to protect your organization against potential employment lawsuits.

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Paycor brings ongoing, proactive expertise to every aspect of the client experience, starting with our consultative sales approach through implementation. We offer a dedicated team support model, in which a group of experts understand your unique business and industry.

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Thought Leadership

With the right tools and support, we believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Whatever your time and attendance challenges are, we’ll help you solve them with technology that works for your particular situation. We’ll also keep you up to date with thought leadership on labor costing trends and best practices.

We’ve earned the trust of both users and third party evaluators.

We’re proud to consistently earn positive reviews and high rankings from the people who use our software and professional reviewers.