YUM! Brands Partnership

You need an HR partner who understands your unique needs.

Paycor is committed to providing the technology and expertise so YUM! Brands can focus on serving their guests.

Our dedicated sales and support team have decades-worth of experience supporting the unique needs of YUM! franchises. Try out our Solution Finder today to understand how software can help accomplish your goals.


Paycor has built an ecosystem of integration partners to increase efficiencies, reduce risk and streamline administrative processes. Improve your operational workflows by integrating point-of-sale systems like Merit or eRestuarants seamlessly into our Perform Payroll solution.

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Dedicated Support

We’ve found the best way to support clients is by first understanding the key challenges impacting their business. From field sales consultants to implementation and client support specialists, we’ve built a team dedicated to YUM! Brands that combines decades of experience with an understanding of how our technology can help solve your unique HR needs.

Flexible Reporting

Business strategy thrives on data, but only if the data is easy to find. Paycor’s Reporting & Analytics tool enables you to quickly summarize data, report across calendar years and use your own formulas, all in an effort to make the data you need easily accessible. And with the right data at your fingertips, you can identify problem areas, such as turnover or labor distribution, and drive change across your business.

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Paycor Knows YUM! Brands