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Payroll Services in Los Angeles, CA with Paycor HR Software
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Los Angeles, California Payroll Services

Across Los Angeles, from San Bernadino to Irvine, Paycor’s HCM solutions including applicant tracking, onboarding, HR, time & attendance, payroll and analytics expertise spans all industries including manufacturing, healthcare, restaurants, professional services and nonprofits.

HR Solutions for Leaders

You want to make a difference in the lives of your employees and to your company’s bottom line. You’re passionate about learning. You want to make decisions informed by deep knowledge of your business. Your efforts have the biggest impact on employee engagement. And if there’s a power user of the HCM platform your whole company depends on, it’s you.

Solve Problems

Paycor’s dedicated team approach to customer service gives you access to experts who understand the specific complexities of your organization. They’ll work with you to solve your toughest challenges such as employee turnover, unplanned overtime, recruiting hard-to-fill roles and more.

Grow Your Business

To scale, your HCM platform must adapt to keep your business ahead of industry changes and the broader marketplace. Paycor’s actionable industry expertise and deep tax and compliance knowledge is built into the system. Our HCM platform is constantly enhanced, as we’re always listening to and acting on feedback from more than two million users.

We Look Forward To Connecting

To learn how Paycor can provide your business with the right technology and best support and thought leadership, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to sit down with you to discuss your business challenges and recommend ways Paycor can help you make a difference.

“My favorite thing about Paycor is the customer service. The team I work with is always responsive and you feel like you’re talking to people who care about helping your organization.”

– Karen Tocarchick, HR Director, Lake County YMCA

See how Paycor's HR solutions optimize nearly every aspect of people management.