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5 Earth Day Tips for Businesses
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5 Earth Day Tips for Businesses

Earth Day is a time to evaluate our daily habits and ask, what could we do differently to offset our carbon footprint? That’s a great question for individuals to ask and it’s a question companies should consider, too. So, we’ve created a list, based on current Paycor practices to show you affordable, ongoing initiatives you can implement today.

Here are 5 initiatives to help you cut costs, protect the Earth and make a difference:

    1. Reusable Cups
      When new associates join Paycor, we give them a welcome kit of Paycor swag, including durable, reusable cups. Not only are the cups a reminder to stay hydrated, they also dramatically cut down on the need for single-use plastic or paper cups. This simple green initiative is cost-friendly and new hires love their Paycor-branded cups.
    2. Direct Deposit vs. Paper Checks
      As an HR and payroll provider, we encourage all businesses to offer direct deposit. Each year, 68 million trees are cut down to produce paper. Eliminating physical checks can save millions of trees. Direct deposit doesn’t only benefit the environment, it’s also a major plus for employers and employees.
    3. Benefits for the employer:
      • Cost saving: no need to pay for checks, ink or printer maintenance
      • You can process payroll and pay employees no matter where you’re located
      • More secure employee information

      Benefits for the employees:

      • Checks don’t get lost or damaged
      • Correcting payments is faster
      • No need to make a trip to the bank
      • Instant access to funds

      On average, 300 million tons of paper are produced each year. Two-hundred and eighty-five tons of paper will go into production by the time you’re done reading this post.

    4. Green Teams
      Build a green team! Self-organized, cross-functional groups of employees volunteer to educate, inspire and empower their peers around sustainability issues. Green teams identify and implement solutions to help their organization operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion.
    5. Motion-sensor Light Switches
      Energy consumption requires the use of fossil fuels, which creates high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that harm our atmosphere. That’s why Paycor installs motion-sensor light switches throughout our buildings. It’s an easy way to reduce electricity consumption by eliminating the possibility of leaving lights on in vacant rooms.
    6. Pay it Forward Days (PIF)
      Paycor’s PIF days offer associates an opportunity to volunteer in their communities. Twice a year since 2015, Paycor associates have given their time to support organizations of their choice. This is a great opportunity to pick up trash, plant trees or volunteer at Facebook or Twitter. Happy Earth Day!