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Same Paycor, New Onboarding
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Same Paycor, New Onboarding

“The HCM industry is growing and Paycor is thriving. Just last week, we hosted our largest new hire class in Paycor history!” – Tracey Stokely, Principal Instructional Designer

For organizations across the country, maintaining the status quo means security. But not at Paycor. To us, change means improvement, improvement means growth and growth means security. So, when we saw the opportunity to revamp our onboarding process, we jumped on it.

Our goal was simple: we wanted new hires to end their first week with a greater understanding of who we are, what we believe in and what we do. So instead of hammering on products, we took the time to reinforce their decision of choosing Paycor.

This included:

  • A pop-up escape room to demonstrate teamwork and having fun along the way
  • Professional, cross functional networking
  • A welcome box filled with goodies and Paycor swag

Successful onboarding isn’t just about feeling welcomed, it’s also about being informed. With this improved process, new hires end their first week knowing the ins and outs of each department and how their role will impact the organization.

“Prior to this, different departments had role specific onboarding. Now, new hires are intermingled with people across the organization. From IT and product to sales and implementation, networking begins on day one.” – Tracey Stokely

Our onboarding used to be great, now it’s best-in-class. In 2019, Paycor will continue to ensure that new hires have the groundwork to be successful and the tools to begin a flourishing career.