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Paid Internships: Why College Students Choose Paycor
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Paid Internships: Why College Students Choose Paycor

At Paycor, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter internships. More importantly, we don’t believe in busy work. We’re dedicated to providing rich, tailored experiences for college students, so they can become difference makers and future leaders.

Paycor’s internship program reaches students across the nation! From our backyard at the University of Cincinnati to Arizona State, Penn State and beyond. And our internship program is growing fast! Last summer we only had 11 interns. This semester we have close to 40.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience at Paycor:

1. Product Intern: Paige Marshall

paige marshall

Meet Paige Marshall. A full-time bearcat at the University of Cincinnati and a part time intern here at Paycor. Working in our product department, Paige truly does it all. From aggregating and analyzing product data in Pendo, TFS, Salesforce and Qlik to supporting our product marketing team and visualizing data for end users. At Paycor, Paige isn’t just an intern, she’s a valued team member.

Here’s what Paige had to say about her experience with Paycor:

“I’ve not only grown in my technical and professional skills, but personally as well. Paycor has given me countless opportunities to grow and lead, while supporting me every step of the way. Our Nine Guiding Principles really are exemplified by every employee and drive me to do the best work I possibly can, while having fun along the way!”

2. Marketing Intern: Andrew Horner

andrew horner

With two rotations under his belt, Andrew really knows how to make an impact. He’s written four go-to-market strategies for product launches, created product positioning statements to support field sellers, projected revenue for FY20 and is working hard to develop a sales and marketing podcast that brings top executives together to talk about alignment and future strategies.

“During my two rotations I’ve never felt like an intern. I work with senior leadership, I’m given real responsibilities that impact the entire business and I lead meetings with full-time sellers and marketers. Paycor gives me the ability to learn professionally and get a jumpstart on my career.”

3. Finance Intern: Molly Bonino

molly bonino

Molly Bonino is focused on creating an ecosystem for data governance, data integrity and KPI alignment. But that’s not all. Molly also helped develop financial models for our product team, cost allocation methodologies and assisted with FY20 budgeting.

We don’t just assign mundane projects to our interns. We allow them to explore their interest and dive deeper into projects that will help them grow into leaders and technical experts.

“The support I’ve received from my team and the Paycor organization has empowered me to dive into the world of financial analysis and allowed me to be curious and creative. I’m grateful for the opportunity to combine my passion for data and financial analysis!”

4. IT Intern: Anthony Mapes

anthony mapes

With five completed rotations, Anthony Mapes is one of our most tenured interns. Anthony is a huge help to our IT department and is responsible for maintaining smooth operations for our associates and customers.

Here’s why Anthony keeps coming back:

“One of the things I love most about my internship at Paycor is I get real-world experience. I’m on a real team. I’m given real work to do and I’m able to make a real impact for Paycor’s customers. It’s been a great experience and a fantastic first step into my career in IT.”

Legal Intern: Garrett Mayleben

garrett mayleben

When you hear legal intern, you may think paper pusher. But not here at Paycor. From supporting contract negotiations to mitigating legal risk across the company, Garrett is gaining valuable field experience that’s hard to find.

Here’s what Garrett had to say about his experience:

“Paycor’s internship program is best-in-class. My team allowed me to grow professionally by trusting me with important projects, seeking and respecting my input and providing critical mentorship.

Looking for an internship? Talk to Paycor!

Since 2016, Paycor has provided valuable experience to students and young professionals in every facet of business. And our internship program is growing. Each semester we’re breaking new hire records.

Three years and over 300 interns later, we’re still dedicated to providing tailored internships that shape careers and change lives. And we love it when we’re able to transition our interns into full time positions. In 2019, Paycor hired 40+ recent college grads. Interested in joining the Paycor team? Apply today!