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Paycor Perform
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Paycor Perform

Over the past few years, tens of thousands of businesses have made the switch to Perform. We have delivered a system that is more efficient, intuitive and flexible.

But Perform is so much more than payroll: our Human Capital Management (HCM) platform transforms the way you hire, manage and develop people.

The Paycor Perform Suite, offers human resource solutions around:

Applicant Tracking Software

Paycor ATS Paycor’s ATS recruitment software is the only applicant tracking system that is designed by recruiting experts resulting in thoughtful workflows and easy to read dashboards, leading to the highest user adoption rates in the industry. We have you covered from seamless integrations with job boards, social media, HRIS and Payroll systems, assessments and background screening providers. Our ATS is simple to purchase and activate. Smart features promote efficiency and collaboration. And, employers play it safe with all the critical compliance features included. Married with simple, smart, safe functionality is a team of dedicated customer success professionals that provide fast, friendly US-based support.

Onboarding Solutions

Paycor onboarding Paycor Onboarding enables employers to connect with new hires in a more engaging way by reducing the amount of paperwork to accelerate new hire productivity. Employers can reduce their compliance risk by ensuring all proper documentation and onboarding materials are reviewed and completed in a timely manner.

HR & Benefits Software

Paycor HR & Benefits Icon Tired of trying to tackle your never-ending HR to-do list? Perform HR helps you become more efficient, while helping you connect better with your employees through a modern, unified HR solution. Through Paycor’s human resource and benefits platform, your employees become your allies in tackling all your HR tasks. From engaging employee self-service, to unlimited workflows, Perform HR takes the burden off you and makes it easier to connect to your people.

Learning Management System

Paycor LMS Icon Enable your team to personalize training without administrative overhead. Administrators can organize training programs by groups, teams, departments, or individuals. Within the learning management system, schedule and track live, instructor-led training sessions and track online course completion.

Time & Attendance Software Platform

Paycor employee time and attendance Icon Paycor’s employee time and attendance software solution makes labor management both time and cost effective. Our solution allows employers to track time worked, create schedules, manage requests and stay on top of labor distribution. With our smart and intuitive processes and error identification, employers can gain ultimate efficiencies and correct time discrepancies immediately saving companies time and money.

Payroll & Tax Service Software

Paycor payroll icon Paycor’s payroll service platform is designed to be exceedingly usable, while also being robust and feature-filled. This enables you to quickly and easily pay employees from wherever you are, all while ensuring tax compliance. Today, through user-inspired design, you can ensure you’re using software that makes payroll simple, mistakes easy to catch and the entire process seamless. You can get in, make edits, run payroll and get out.

Workforce Insights – HR Reporting Solution

Paycor Workforce Insights Icon Workforce Insights is an HR reporting tool that helps organizations get deeper insights into their people data, so you can spend less time searching and more time solving their biggest business problems. Visual, interactive charts help modern HR professionals quickly identify and solve some of their organizations biggest HR issues. Insights are compiled across all HR, payroll and time data, so HR leaders can come to their CEO and show the true value that the HR department brings to the organization.

Want to know more about what Perform has to offer? Access a demo of our software here and learn about all its features and functionality.