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The right technology can help you transform your existing HR data into meaningful analytics that answer your most critical business challenges.

Did you know that half of CFOs don’t track turnover metrics? We help finance executives understand labor spend so they can control costs with insightful data and analytics.

A 2018 report by Convergys found that turnover metrics are just not being tracked or understood by SMBs. Even among the organizations that do track turnover, only 32% are measuring compensation and only 46% measure how managers impact turnover, even though they claim those two factors--compensation and managers--are the most important drivers of regretted turnover. With easy access to actionable data, we can help you predict and manage labor and job costs. Take our interactive Labor Costs Benchmark Quiz or use our Solution Finder to get started today.

Attract and retain top talent

With unemployment at record lows there’s less top talent available. Odds are, it also means your top talent is being pursued by the competition. If you can’t retain that talent it can cost your company as much as 2x their annual salary. Hire smarter with Paycor’s applicant tracking system. Paycor’s ATS was designed by recruiting professionals for human resource hiring teams. It actually thinks and behaves like a recruiter. Our online Onboarding tool then helps you take the next step. Engage new hires right away and dramatically reduce paperwork with Paycor’s Onboarding.

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Gather insights to impact your bottom line

Your HR team is sitting on a treasure trove of data, but they might not be able to easily access it. And even if they can access the data they can’t create meaningful and shareable reports. Are you overspending on labor or underutilizing your workforce? Are hourly workers stealing time, costing you money? How much are you spending on overtime? You'll know with Paycor’s Reporting, Workforce Insights and industry expertise. These tools provide deeper insights into turnover, headcount, overtime, gender pay equity and more. Your HR team can extract and compile key data points from your HR, payroll and time solutions for a holistic view of the organization.

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Stay ahead of the curve in human capital management

In HR, there are two constants that can predict the course of your business: compliance and the changing trends in people management. If done wrong, you can face hefty fines and an unengaged and unproductive workforce. If done right, it gets you a seat at the table. With access to Paycor’s skills and expertise, you will be among the first to know when regulations are added or changed. Plus, with our HR & Benefits software, you will have the power to react with minimal manual effort. We continue to streamlines administration through regular product updates. And, all changes come in direct response to customer feedback and follow marketplace trends.

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