Paycor Recruiting (formerly Newton Software)

Announcement: Newton is now Paycor Recruiting

In 2015, Paycor acquired Newton Software to create an all-in-one HR solution built on customer innovation and intuitive design. Together, Paycor and Newton offer a game changing, integrated HCM platform.

How does Paycor Recruiting help medium and small business?

Paycor Recruiting streamlines and optimizes every aspect of your recruiting process with a best-in-class, highly rated applicant tracking system. Paycor’s Recruiting is the simple, smart, modern solution designed by recruiting professionals to help you hire. Business leaders are enabled to instantly connect with candidates via text messaging, create branded career pages, customize online job applications, search and parse resumes and save post-interview feedback automatically with interview scorecards.

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Continue to serve Newton Customers

We will continue to serve Newton Customers

Existing Newton customers can continue using the recruiting features and functionality you depend on. Paycor is committed to advancing what Newton started and will continue to develop and improve the product. Newton customers will also have the opportunity to leverage Paycor’s HR & Payroll platform to onboard, manage, develop, pay, train and retain their employees.

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Commitment to Support

Commitment to Support

Paycor provides the best user experience and is committed to always going the extra mile for our customers. The great news for Newton clients is that you will still be able to contact the same experienced support team who help you now.

You will still have access to the Knowledge Base, complete with articles, training videos, and screenshots for you to reference at any time.

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We’re here to help. 415.593.1189

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