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Paycor’s Onboarding Helps McDonald’s Franchises Improve Efficiencies
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Paycor’s Onboarding Helps McDonald’s Franchises Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Manual Work.

“Before Paycor, all new hire paperwork had to be completed during orientation. Now, employees can fill out their own information online. It’s greatly cut down the time we’re spending entering data in multiple places.”

Traci Larson, HR manager, Iron Arch Management

Prior to Paycor

Iron Arch Management, an 18-store McDonald’s franchise used a manual paper-based method to onboard new employees and manually enter employee data into their eRestaurant software. All onboarding paperwork had to be completed during new hire orientation before being entered into payroll. With roughly 800 employees hired each year, manually entering employee data was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.


  • Manual data entry
  • Multiple systems to enter data
  • User error

With Paycor

Paycor’s Onboarding solution allows new hires to complete their information and review important company documents online. Before, administrators were spending more than 30 minutes per new hire, manually entering data captured during orientation into payroll. Now, with new hire data seamlessly flowing into payroll, administrators only spend 5 minutes onboarding each new hire.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated onboarding process
  • POS integration
  • Responsive customer service
hours saved onboarding new hires

POS Integration

Paycor helps Iron Arch Management improve their operational workflows with a seamless POS integration so HR & payroll administrators can easily manage new hire information, employee data and payroll details in one platform.

Customer Service

If Traci and her team have questions or need support, they can count on their Paycor representative to quickly respond. In fact, their representative went so far to help correct a payroll error over a holiday weekend to ensure employees were paid on time.

McDonald’s Partnership

Paycor provides the technology and expertise McDonald’s franchises need to focus on what matters most—taking care of their customers.

Visit www.paycor.com/mcdonalds to learn more.

Iron Arch Management partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

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Download the full case study here.