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Paycor helps create scalable growth for CareVet and Compass Group
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Carevet Case Study

Paycor helps create scalable growth for CareVet and Compass Group Equity Partners.

“I think Paycor does a great job in the private equity space because they had a team dedicated to learning our integrations process so that our team members, who are our biggest focus, have a better experience. We have a partner that’s dedicated to making a process that works for both of us.”

– Claire David, CareVet’s Chief People and Culture Officer


Rapid growth for veterinary management practice group CareVet meant they needed a HCM partner who could manage onboarding new team members weekly and familiarizing them with CareVet’s policies and procedures. Their previous HCM provider struggled to provide the necessary implementation speed and team commitment which impeded CareVet’s development.

Why Paycor?

Paycor’s customizable platform and dedicated support stood out from the competition. “The product I saw in the demo is exactly what we got — no gimmicks,” said Claire David, CareVet’s Chief People and Culture Officer. “Paycor’s reporting is a game changer when you are private equity and have limited resources. You need to show your data at all times. The fact that it could support multi-client, but a lot of different policies and customizations was huge.”

CareVet also appreciates Paycor’s expertise and support with getting new investments/locations up to speed quickly. Together they conduct a weekly meeting to review the implementation status of each new location and preview upcoming acquisitions. This consistency is a critical component for CareVet. With their previous HCM provider, they never knew who was going to be working on their account and spent a lot of time reviewing the process each time.

A Successful Partnership

Because CareVet is so pleased with this partnership, they introduced Paycor to their private equity management firm, Compass Group Equity Partners. This led Paycor to do business with multiple portfolio companies under the Compass Group.

“One of the things Paycor does really well is they’re constantly evolving the platform and always bringing on new partners and integrations,” David said. “It shows that they’re nimble and working on their product just like private equity clients do as well. It’s that shared mindset.”