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Paycor Case Study: Tacoma Holdings
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Tacoma Holdings

Paycor’s efficient implementation and healthcare expertise helped Tacoma Holdings.

“I’ve worked across industries and companies of all sizes, and I’ve worked with the majority of HCM companies. But I want to continue to partner with Paycor because of their support and implementation. With other companies, they check out after the sale. The Paycor team helped us implement and optimize the full suite. The ease of the platform is great.”

— Valerie Reif, Founder of Talent Advisors, HR consultant with Tacoma Holdings


After Tacoma Holdings started the process of acquiring 12 independent home health and hospice agencies, they realized the need for robust HR support to integrate the businesses effectively. They knew they needed payroll immediately to accommodate the influx of new employees without historical information. With a fractioned HR infrastructure and synergies across the companies, Tacoma Holdings sought a scalable HCM partner to streamline operations and support their vision of becoming one of the largest home health agencies.

To help address their HR needs, Tacoma Holdings enlisted Valerie Reif, Founder and Managing Consultant at Talent Advisors, to manage various responsibilities, including consolidating the entities, recruiting, hiring, policy development, leave of absence management, workers’ compensation, employee compensation, and implementing health and retirement plans. The critical challenge was to meet the 90-day timeline for payroll implementation without compromising accuracy and efficiency.

Why Paycor?

Paycor emerged as the preferred HCM partner for Tacoma Holdings for two key reasons. First, Paycor’s strong implementation plan aligned with their deadlines. Acknowledging the importance of timely payroll processing to ensure the success of the transaction, Paycor’s implementation team demonstrated exceptional focus and adherence to deadlines, instilling confidence in Tacoma Holdings’ decision.

Second, Paycor’s specialization in the healthcare industry resonated with the CEO of Frontpoint Homehealth, a portfolio company of Tacoma Holdings. Given the industry’s unique requirements, such as managing credentials and training, Paycor’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Onboarding solution proved to be an ideal fit. The centralized storage of records facilitated compliance during audits by the state, ensuring seamless management of essential information.

A Growing Partnership

Reif, impressed by Paycor’s nimble sales and implementation teams during the critical 90-day timeline, continues to choose Paycor as opportunities arise. She appreciates Paycor’s process, which minimizes the burden on the internal team and provides reliable support. Unlike some competitors who focus solely on payroll, Paycor offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline and optimize HR operations. The user-friendly platform ensures that employees can efficiently complete essential tasks like onboarding, timekeeping, and time-off requests, enhancing the overall user experience.