Paycor Improves HR Efficiency With Latest Product Updates
Paycor Improves HR Efficiency With Latest Product Updates

Paycor Improves HR Efficiency With Latest Product Updates

Company Introduces New Features to Automate Key HR Activities, Provide Businesses With Greater Flexibility in Their People Processes

Press Release
Cincinnati, OH
December 1, 2015

Paycor, providing companies with intuitive, cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll and timekeeping software, today announced details of its fourth quarter product update. The company's latest batch of enhanced capabilities includes innovations to expand its unified platform, drive performance and streamline crucial tasks for hiring, onboarding and managing employees.

"Today's small and mid-sized companies face a number of challenges as they strive to grow their businesses; yet, administrative HR tasks often take up a great deal of their time. Paycor seeks to help them streamline time-consuming HR processes to focus more on the people and strategic initiatives that make their businesses great," said Jennifer Langer, senior vice president of Product Management for Paycor. "Paycor has long been committed to developing the technology solutions that help organizations simplify their people management processes through intuitive, user-friendly tools, and our newest products and upgrades do just that."

In each quarterly update, Paycor releases Perform product enhancements and new capabilities, developed directly from client feedback. As Paycor continues to streamline the interconnected tasks associated with HR, payroll and timekeeping, the company introduces a range of updates to its Perform suite to drive organizational efficiency. Paycor's fourth quarter Perform product release includes:

* Improved Benefits Administration: With general availability of Paycor's Perform Benefits, part of Paycor's Perform suite, clients have access to powerful plan administration, online enrollment and carrier connections. The solution enables employees to make benefit elections in the same platform they complete other self-service tasks, while administrators can manage employee elections more easily within a single platform and eliminate duplicate entry and needless paperwork.

* Performance Review Tracking: Perform HR clients can now track and manage employee performance online through the new Performance Tracking functionality. This enables a streamlined performance review process and more effective ways to manage the information gained.

* Workflow Email Notifications: Employers can be given the power to update their own information through self-service, and administrators are notified of employee changes by email. This feature can be configured to give clients the flexibility to choose which changes require notification.

* New Hire Customization: This feature enables onboarding administrators to add custom fields to the new hire process and choose which fields should be required for new employees. As a result, they can collect the necessary information at the beginning of a new hire's employment and deliver a more streamlined onboarding experience.

* Greater Flexibility in New Hire Wizard: Paycor Onboarding and Perform HR users can now customize the New Hire Wizard to add new fields, eliminate extra steps and exclude fields and even upload documents when hiring a new employee.

* ACA Readiness: Paycor delivers the technology that streamlines the way companies manage their ACA responsibilities. By integrating seamlessly with Paycor's other modules, such as HR and payroll, clients benefit from reduced administrative work, as all relevant information can be accessed from the same system.

* Additional Features: Other new capabilities introduced in Paycor's fourth quarter update include mobile-optimized payroll, flexible document sharing and personally identifiable information protection to safeguard client data.

"Paycor's mission is to make key HR, payroll and timekeeping processes as simple as possible for today's busy companies," said Langer. "Our latest product upgrades were designed to introduce new efficiencies that enable managers and administrators to spend less time on administrative tasks in order to help their employees become productive from their first day and perform at their best throughout their tenures."

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