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5 Tips for Becoming Employee of the Year
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Talent Acquisition

5 Tips for Becoming Employee of the Year

Are you looking to make an impact at your company but struggling to

stand out among your colleagues? Here are five tips to give you a leg up

in the competitive job industry so you can make a name for yourself and

be in line for the next promotion or company recognition.

Lend a Hand

Your boss’ primary focus is likely to develop strategic initiatives to

ensure the organization’s long-term future. In addition, their to-do

list is overwhelming and little details can be lost along the way. How

can you make a difference for your boss and the organization? Don’t wait

to be asked to complete a task or project. Take the initiative and

formulate a strategy or ask how you can lessen your boss’ workload. Your

contribution will not go unnoticed.

Be Positive

Your attitude and demeanor can make a difference when being evaluated by

your manager. Are you enthusiastic and willing to contribute wherever

possible, or do you sulk when things don’t go your way and appear

disinterested? No one wants to be around someone who is irritable and

unapproachable. Exhibit a positive attitude and good things will come

your way. Plus, your attitude will have a positive effect on your work


Develop Multiple Skills

Always increase your value in the workplace by enhancing and improving

your skills while looking to develop new ones. If you are asked to

attend a meeting that does not directly impact your role, accept and

make the most out of the opportunity. You could develop valuable insight

into another area of the company and decide this may be a better fit for

you in the long run. The more you can learn about your organization as a

whole, the more marketable you will be in the future.

Become Your Manager’s Go-To Person

The more reliable and responsible you are, the more you will be trusted

by your manager. Do you execute and complete tasks effectively and in a

timely manner, or is your manager constantly correcting your work and

reminding you to do things? Gaining your manager’s trust will offer more

opportunities for you to work on a variety of projects because you have

demonstrated the ability to perform at a high level. Being identified as

the go-to person for your boss can go a long way in your development.

Take Responsibility for Your Work

You were hired to do a job so it is up to you to know it inside and out.

Take training seriously and pick the brains of your peers to better

understand the position. The more you go above and beyond what is

required of you, the more you will be noticed. When issues arise, take

responsibility for the problem and determine a course of action to

correct it. During times of adversity, people are often quick to point

the finger at others. Break the mold and take responsibility. It is up

to you to make the most out of your opportunities and challenges—how

will you respond?

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